Hardpop Records

A new Dutch Record label has set sail from the very harbours of Amsterdam on a journey to explore the horizon for new talent and music called ‘Hardpop’.

Inspired by the 2001 Hard Pop Art movement from the city of Rotterdam Hard Pop Records is about the ‘do it yourself’ mentality and therefore a platform and open stage to any artist who feels the necessity to release their music otherwise than thru commercially driven companies.

With a foundation based, non profit vision on  nowadays music sales, Hardpop Records strongly believes in releasing music in benefit of the Artists and using their music as a promotional tool. Using the music as a marketing tool to bring Artists closer to their audience and generating more spin off in doing so is something we strongly believe in.

Hardpop Records embodies the new generation of artists who put faith in the quality of their music rather then desperately seeking for a new hitrecord.  In doing so we feel it as our task to provide the artists with the means to get the music to the public, paid for or for free.

In styles of music Hardpop Records does not emphasize on a particular style but will vary from House to Disco and from Indie to Electro.

We are proud to present our releases to you and sincerely hope you share our opinion in its quality and wish to share it with your friends, fans and viewers.

© Hardpop Records / Mother Music